Always bring a Condom by the 7L Guys

Here is a funny, irreverent but to the point blog on BEING PREPARED! by my friends at 7th Element.

We recently set up a meeting between a company and one of our clients to see if the company might be a good fit for them. After introductions, the meeting kicked off and the company began a high-level presentation about their product’s features and benefits. After a couple minutes our client stopped them and said “We get it – I understand how your product works and it seems like it’s great. Whether we go with you or not depends on if it makes sense financially, and if it does we’re ready to do business yesterday. How much is it going to cost?”. The representatives of the company replied with a “deer in headlights” look. They were completely unprepared for the idea that they might actually make a sale at the meeting. Finally, they answered “Well we don’t know, it depends on a number of factors. We’ll have to go back to the experts and ask them how much it would cost of you.”

ARE YOU KIDDING!?! We were speechless. How could they not have brought pricing? And why wasn’t the expert at the meeting? The truth was, for the right price our client was ready to do business at that meeting. But the company didn’t bring pricing information let alone a contract. It was game day and they didn’t show up to win.

In business as well as on a date you have to be prepared to go all the way. If it’s business – always come ready with pricing, the experts, and a contract. If it’s a date, well …

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