All Buyers Are Liars – Dave Rothfeld

“I enjoy Dave’s newsletter and this caught my eye” Chris

A group of prospects were meeting with a sales representative at a Colorado steakhouse, and all were complaining that their steaks were overcooked. When the waiter came and asked whether everything was okay, all the people who had just complained said “Sure, everything’s fine.” As the waiter walked away, one fellow said “I wouldn’t come back to this place again if they paid me.” How many times have you lied to a waiter or waitress and told them everything was okay, when in fact the service or meal wasn’t good? It’s easy to remember that there are two kinds of objections that customers have: (1) the ones they tell you, and (2) their real objections.

Ben was a loyal buyer from a warehouse distributor. One day something went wrong, and he stopped doing business with them. He went from being a customer back to being a prospect. When a new sales rep was assigned to call on Ben, he knew that getting the truth about what happened might be difficult. When he sat across from Ben in the office, he asked one simple question ”What will it take to win back your business?” He put Ben in a situation where he could be positive and actually share what the business needed to do to get back in his good graces. Instead of allowing Ben to criticize his company, the sales rep allowed Ben to help find a solution.

Great salespeople know it isn’t what happens to you, but how you respond to what happens to you that will make your prospecting efforts a success.

“Reprinted with permission from “Creative Sales + Management, Inc.”

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