Business Success: Organizational Change and Culture By Doreen M. McGunagle, Ph.D.

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For firms to compete today, they must change to meet the demands of the business environment. In fact, change can be used to create a competitive strategy for your organization. Now picture Sheila the CEO of an organization that is concerned about changing her organization to reflect a competitive strategy in the organization. The strategy centered approach to change might reflect some of the following:

• Introducing a new produce or service
• Entering new markets
• Use of new forms of marketing
• Initiation of Internet sales to direct selling
• Forming alliances or joint ventures with other organizations
• Modifying relationships with suppliers

To be successful, changes in competitive strategy will require a consistent change in people, work roles, organizational structure, and technology. Internal changes in the organizational approach to improve human capability will require organizational learning, and an alignment of the strengths and values within the organization. By aligning the strengths and values within the organization, it will improve the overall success of the competitive strategy and meet with the long-term goals of the organization.

A common mistake is to implement a new program without first diagnosing the problems that are confronting the organization. Management programs and structural changes often fail to solve organizational problems and sometimes will make them worse. The benefits that can be obtained from change made in one area can cause problems for another. Before initiating major changes within an organization, senior management should be clear about the problem and the objectives of the program. The organizational diagnosis can be made by senior management, an outside consultant, or task force. It is often more successful when an outside consultant is involved because it offers an unbias decision to the diagnosis. Outside consultants trained in organizational development will bring more success to the project.

Doreen M. McGunagle, Ph.D. is a corporate organizational speaker and has a doctorate in Organization and Management with a specialization in International Business.  As CEO of Global Strategic Management Solutions, a consulting firm that specializes in assisting organizations grow and improve their performance, and brings 25 years experience working with Fortune 1000 companies.  Dr. McGunagle is the author of The Chinese Auto Industry: Taming the Dragon.   To find out more information about Dr. McGunagle corporate speaking engagements and consulting availability, please visit or call 561.208.1071.

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