Entrepreneurs don’t care about Google, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn

Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, landing pages, SEO, blogging, direct mail, networking, telemarketing, advertising, seminars- Arg!! The many ways an entrepreneur can spend money generating leads is infinite. Sadly, the return on those “investments” is not. In a nutshell you want:

Cost Effective Leads!!

As a business owner you don’t really care about the different tools, you just want to know your cost per lead/bid/closed sale. Since I utilizes all of the above tools, I wanted to share my thoughts:

  • Before you spend it, decide how it will be measured– Always build the dashboard first. For instance, my cost effective, overseas telemarketers self manage everyday at the end of their shift. Variables tracked include quality of the list, % talked to, % long lead, % hot lead, etc. Bad lists are quickly shucked while good lists are called repeatedly.
  • Spend Judiciously– A WordPress based site that is user-friendly with all the SEO, blogging, social media and sharing capabilities can be done nicely for $500-1500. Also, a Virtual Assistance doing all that SEO and Social Media work for 2 hours per day can be had for $400(!) a month. Compare that against the cost of a full-time entry level marketing person- $35,000+/year?
  • Easy to Use– Older websites were impossible to keep updated and fresh. One reason I recommend WordPress based sites is non-programmers can add fresh, new content. Even video blogs are relatively easy to do. Also since Google’s algorithm assigns a premium to fresh, new local content it is critical that a low cost and hassle free way is found to do this.
  • Understand where your leads come from Now!– Forget all these fancy, internet tools. How do clients and referral sources find your business now? How are you found, researched, investigated and finally given a check?

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