Using Technology to Increase Business Value Before a Sale or Merger

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Improvements in information technology and business processes can make an important difference in not just the perceived value of a business, but the actual value too.

Technology improvements that are visible to potential buyers are the business software applications that run the company.  The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is typically the core business software application, encompassing functions such as purchasing, sales order processing, accounting, inventory control, manufacturing, and distribution.  Sometimes separate applications for inventory control or fixed asset management can be implemented to gain quick control of chaotic situations.  And with chaos controlled and business processes running smoother, a potential buyer will see a well-run – or at least better-run – enterprise.  Further, new business software enables better reporting, showing the potential buyer information based more on fact than on fiction.

The use of barcode scanning for fixed asset management, inventory control, picking & packing, and receiving showcase a company that has kept up with available – and quite affordable – technologies and is operating more efficiently than one who still processes such information manually.  In fact, such technology implementation may be required in order to provide potential buyers with satisfactory reports in regards to the company’s operations and financial position.

For companies who are required to conduct business with customers via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and have taken steps to integrate inbound and outbound data to business software applications (i.e. the ERP system) showcase to potential buyers that they are committed to reducing non-value-added manual processes such as data entry of information, which is also prone to errors.

And while the implementation of such up-to-date technologies does not mean that fraudulent activities have been reduced, there is an argument that the use of such technologies does go along towards the mitigation of fraud versus manual or paper-based transactions.

Advances have made these technologies achievable (affordable and available) for even small business owners to embrace and represent a worthwhile return on investment.

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