Creating an Effective Social Media Profile

Your social media profile may be more valuable than you think. A well-developed profile can either make or break your brand’s online growth. Profile content that intrigues gains attention. It is the first crucial step to engaging your audience. Whether you are just starting out or are a social media veteran, follow these steps to make the most of your brand’s online presence:

Note: The following tips are geared toward Twitter because this platform has the most options for customization. Keep in mind these steps should be applied to all social media platforms where applicable.

Profile Picture – Nothing will turn a potential follower away like seeing a default Twitter icon. Users log on to their accounts to build relationships. A generic icon will leave viewers assuming that you are unengaged and therefore not worth following.

This raises the great debate: logo or photo? Overall, users are more likely to engage with a person than a logo, but my rule of thumb is this: if your company is large enough to have a well-recognized logo, use it. If you’re building a personal brand or are a public figure, use a photo of yourself. Regardless, keep your social media identity consistent.

Design – As tempting as it is, never use one of the preset themes offered by Twitter. Choose a design or color scheme that reflects your brand. To keep it simple, choose colors from your website or logo to customize your page. Twitter also allows you to upload a wallpaper image. If you take this route, use your logo or a defining image from your website. Remember, consistency is key.

Bio –Use your creativity to make your profile intriguing. Twitter offers a mere 160 characters to sell your brand to the online world. Show your personality here – the way you communicate your message will either compel the reader to connect with you or simply move on.

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