Acquisition Multiples Trend Down

I received this in an email from Rich Goeldner of FairValue Advisors. My take on the reduced multiples paid for the smaller mid-market companies is that sales/ebitda trended down for many of them in 2008/2009 and financing dried up. I expect a reversal of this chart in 4th quarter 2009. enjoy. Chris

Acquisition Multiples

  • Median acquisition multiples fell 15-44% across the 3 size categories in the most recent quarter; multiples of mid-size acquisitions dropped the most – nearly 44%.
  • EBITDA multiples have dropped approximately 40-50% since 2007/2008 highs.
  • Deal volume rose approximately 6% in most recent quarter but is down approximately 30% from July 2008 peak.
  • Multiples include acquisitions in past 3 years with positive EBITDA.
  • Excludes acquisitions of banks and real estate companies.

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