How to Tap into your 401k or IRA to buy a Business using a VERSA

You can utilizing a Versatile Entrepreneur Retirement Savings Account Plan (VERSA).

The VERSA Plan structure allows you to rollover your 401(k), or other qualified plan, into the equity of a new or existing business without the burden of taxes or penalties. Frequently we are asked if the VERSA Plan is a loan. No, it is not a loan. It is equity.  In addition, it meets all of the equity requirements of commercial lenders and the SBA alike.  The capital that is rolled into the VERSA Plan is used to buy the equity of the company just as you would buy a mutual fund or a stock in your qualified plan.  That stock is then held in the plan for the benefit of the business owner.

One caveat, your new company needs set up as a “C” corporation by the lawyer who sets up the VERSA for you. We have used the VERSA numerous times for Entering clients or Entering Buyers to access their retirement funds with no tax penalty.

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