Chris Curtin talks about Angel Boot Camp | April 21, 2011

Florida is awash in Start Up companies that need Angel Seed Money. Have you thought about angel investing but weren’t sure whether it was right for you or how to get started? Or have you dabbled in Angel Investing with disappointing results? This factual and hard hitting 4 hours will give you the information you need to target, mitigate risk and close on an angel investment. Continue reading

Angel Investing: A look from Both Perspectives…

Interest in Angel Investing from both investors and the entrepreneurs who need the money is at an all time high. Many of the participants from both camps are relative neophytes at the process. Here is a list of common pitfalls … Continue reading

What is a Hypothetical Appraisal and why would you Need One?

Whenever we take on a new Exiting client, we get a 3rd party business appraisal done by a reputable company (one that the banks will take, hold up in court, etc.). We also utilize a business appraisal in our targeted … Continue reading

How is the Credit Crunch affecting Smaller M&A Deals?

I get asked by potential Exiting Clients how the tighter lending environment is affecting the market for their company. I see a couple of things happening in the market place: Deals are still getting done- Fairly priced companies under $10 million … Continue reading