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Business Exit Strategy Seminar | Melbourne, FL | May 16, 2012

Material updated for 2012! Whether you want to exit your business in six months or six years, the proper strategies need to be formulated and executed. This factual and hard-hitting program will give you the information you need to successfully Exit from business ownership after a lifetime of hard work.

Learn from Seasoned Professionals how to:

• Structure your business for a Successful Exit…

• Continue to Grow and Maintain Normal Business Operations…

• Pre-transaction Wealth Planning in an Uncertain World…

• Deal with Confidentiality Issues….

• Receive Maximum Post Tax Value for your Business…

• Know the Types of Buyers and their Value Drivers…

• How to Sell or Transfer to Family/Key Employees…

• Avoid Tax and Legal Pitfalls in the Process…


Barbara Oswalt, Carr, Riggs, & Ingram                   www.cricpa.com

Chris Curtin, Bankers Advocate                              www.bankersadv.com

John Kancilia, GrayRobinson, P.A.                           www.gray-robinson.com

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