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Financial Intermediary & Factor Broker Training School

May 1st, 2015 – Financial Intermediary School

Paragon Financial and Bankers Advocate will hold an accounts receivable financing education & training seminar via Google Hangout on May 1st, 2015 for those interested in becoming or sharpening their skills as Factoring Brokers or Financial Intermediaries.


 Topics covered include:

  • Selling against Merchant Cash Advances (MCA’s)
  • Know the difference between PO Funding and Work in Process Financing
  • Know the difference between Invoice Factoring and PO Funding
  • How to generate leads through your own website
  • How to quickly size up a deal and place it at the correct funder
  • Using Credit Insurance as a Marketing Tool
  • Using Tax Issues as a Marketing tool
  • Know invoice factoring terms and important points

For more information, please email Chris Curtin at chris@paragonfinancial.net or call 954-524-4840 x221.

**IMPORTANT** – The online seminar will be a Google+ Hangout which requires you log in with your google account or create a new google account.