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Financial Intermediary & Factor Broker Training School

Paragon Financial and Bankers Advocate will hold an all day invoice factoring training seminar on Friday June 20, 2014 for these interested in becoming Factoring Brokers or Financial Intermediaries.

Topics covered include:

  • Networking with referral sources
  • How to generate leads through your own website
  • How to quickly size up a deal and place it at the correct funder
  • Know the difference between PO funding and Invoice Factoring
  • Using Credit Insurance as a Marketing Tool
  • Using tax issues as a Marketing tool
  • Know invoice factoring terms and important points
  • 1.5 hour intro to being a factoring broker from 8-9:30am

For more information, please email Chris Curtin at chris@paragonfinancial.net or call 954-524-4840. Location in Fort Lauderdale TBD.