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Build Value via Business Enhancement, Recapitalization or a Liquidity Event…

What if the current value of your business does not meet your Retirement or Exiting needs? What if the present cash flow of your business is not sufficient? Unlike the typical business broker, we can help you build the value of your business.

As long time professionals in the Turnaround Industry, Bankers Advocate has the depth of knowledge second to no one when it comes to enhancing your cash flow and processes for an ultimate sale or a timely improvement in your own lifestyle.

Our team is available to improve the profitability, growth prospects and internal procedures of your business. Our principals have owned manufacturing plants, commercial finance companies and business service firms. We also enjoy serving on your company’s board for a nominal fee to help design and implement both long and short term Exit Strategies. Our sister company businesscash.com, can also help with your funding needs.

Using the third-party appraisal, we can start with a clear benchmark of your company’s current status. The Business Evaluation (appraisal) will give a picture of “the now” of your businesses and from there we can determine where it needs to go and the steps to take for your final success and satisfaction. The appraisal also provides a road map that compares your business against your industry peers in terms of sales, margins, costs and profitability.

For more information on how to build value and Enhance your business, call (561) 882-1331 or fill out our contact form.