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Confirm Value with a Business Appraisal or Business Evaluation…

Would you like to be in control of the price and negotiations when it is time to exit your business? More importantly, what if you are not in control and your business DOES NOT sell or sells at a 30-40% price discount (what the typical business broker will get you) for the business you invested a lifetime of hard work in? By starting the exiting process with a third-party business appraisal or valuation, we can insure success.

Through our exclusive techniques and methodology and with us acting as your un-compromised Advocate, we can insure your exit from business ownership is handled efficiently and safely with maximum post-tax dollars in your pocket.

Prospects for your business have many investment opportunities for their money. Wouldn’t you like to prove to them that your business is an excellent purchase for their investment dollars? We accomplish this with the third-party business appraisal. This makes your business irresistibly attractive to an honest prospect – that’s our goal! If you want more for your business, we have to start with a third-party business appraisal from an appraiser respected by banks and industry.

A business appraisal or valuation also allows us to arrange pre-financing for the “right” buyer from several reputable lending sources. Having pre-financing in place also allows us to justify and confirm the value to potential purchasers.

For more information on how a Business Evaluation (appraisal) can help lead to your successful exit from business ownership, call (561) 882-1331 or fill out our contact form. Please ask for our Guide to Exiting Business Ownership.