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Successful Business Exit Strategies (whether in 6 months or 6 Years)…

If your are contemplating Exiting Business Ownership via a sale to outside parties, key employees or a transfer to the next family generation; critical questions must be asked and answered and a solid plan must be put in place. Unlike the typical business broker, we have the experience and knowledge to design and execute an Exit Strategy that meets your financial and personal needs.

If the path that is best for you is an outside sale, locating the parties involved and consummating a successful business ownership transfer are requirements for an appropriately trained professional. This must surely be a "win-win" for all parties involved.

Our exclusive 52 step "Targeted Marketing Plan" is designed to match the needs of our Exiting Clients service the requirements of the attorneys, accountants, bankers and other parties to the transaction. The team at Bankers Advocate constantly researches and updates our database of over 500 Private Equity Groups and strategic buyers.

Confidentially marketing your business is just part of our overall strategy for your safe and secure exit from business ownership. In addition, we “Shepherd” all the parties and their advisors through the entire process.

We always arrange pre-financing for your business so potential buyers can be screened and your valuable time is not wasted. Pre-financing in addition to the third party appraisal gives us additional control over the selling price to potential buyers.

The tax ramifications of your potential Exit must be determined before negotiations begin. We have heard many horror stories where the Exiting Party supposedly received their asking price at the closing table, but the post transaction tax bill was tremendous. That is why we always recommend a Tax Minimization Analysis before we take your business to market.

Most importantly, if you are our Exiting Client, we never forget that we are your un-compromised Advocate throughout the entire process and have an agency relationship with and a fiduciary duty to you and your family.

For more information on our proven methods to Exit Business Ownership or a free copy of our Guide to Exiting Business Ownership, call (561) 882-1331 or fill out our contact form.